Lammet thumbnail
6b Sport at Dungen
Orgasm thumbnail
7a Sport at Dungen
Multipel orgasm thumbnail
Multipel orgasm
7b Sport at Dungen
Project thumbnail
? Sport at Dungen
Koskräck thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Dungen
Creuzfeldt-Jacobs syndrom thumbnail
Baggen thumbnail
6c+ Sport at Dungen
Tjuren thumbnail
7c+ Sport at Dungen
Hingsten thumbnail
8a+ Sport at Dungen
I'm pretty fucking far from ok thumbnail
Musen thumbnail
8a Sport at Dungen
Dumbo thumbnail
5+ Sport at Dungen
Hockeyfrillan thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Dungen
Maries led thumbnail
Maries led
5 Traditional at Dungen
Happy Hilti thumbnail
Happy Hilti
6c Sport at Dungen
30-åriga kriget thumbnail
30-åriga kriget
7c+ Sport at Dammen
Kapten Gustavsson thumbnail
Kapten Gustavsson
7c+ Sport at Dammen
På västfronten intet nytt thumbnail
Östfronten thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Dammen
Marathon thumbnail
6a Sport at Dungen
Vinterkriget thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Dammen
Slaget vid Lützen thumbnail
Slaget vid Lützen
7c+ Sport at Dammen
Wild Invasion in the Viking Land thumbnail
Menige Gustavsson thumbnail
Generalen thumbnail
8a Sport at Dammen
Kamikaze thumbnail
8a Sport at Dammen
Inte som andra thumbnail
Marianne thumbnail
Metallica thumbnail
Doppelkopf thumbnail
Zwergenschreck thumbnail
Luta dig ut thumbnail
Vägen ut thumbnail
Fingerskräck thumbnail
7c Sport at Hyllan
Vid första ögonkastet thumbnail
En enkel plan thumbnail
En enkel plan
7b Sport at Hyllan
Dopp thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Stugväggen
Latmasken thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Stugväggen
Sommarliv thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Stugväggen
Skål thumbnail
7c Sport at Stugväggen
Sprint thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Dungen
Mot högre höjder thumbnail
Mot högre höjder
7a+ Sport at Dungen
Räven thumbnail
8a+ Sport at Dungen
Dumbom thumbnail
6a Sport at Dungen
Huggormen thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Dungen
Korpen thumbnail
6c+ Sport at Dungen
Vändplats thumbnail
6b Sport at Verandan
Fars lilla Ville thumbnail
Fars lilla Ville
6b+ Sport at Verandan
Mors lilla Olle thumbnail
Base Camp thumbnail
Base Camp
6b+ Sport at Dungen
Julia thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Balkongen
Måsen thumbnail
7c+ Sport at Dungen
Kamikaze Light thumbnail
Kamikaze Light
7c+ Sport at Dammen
Modiga João thumbnail
Modiga João
6c+ Sport at Verandan
Förlängd orgasm thumbnail
Förlängd orgasm
7a+ Sport at Dungen
Syndafallet thumbnail
7a Sport at Dungen
Skaj thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Dungen
Rapunzel thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Balkongen
Covid19 thumbnail
6a+ Sport at Balkongen
Brevid20 thumbnail
6a+ Sport at Balkongen
Broke Up thumbnail
Broke Up
6a+ Sport at Balkongen
Maybe Not thumbnail
Maybe Not
6a Sport at Balkongen
Little Geisha thumbnail
Little Geisha
6a Sport at Balkongen
Ninja thumbnail
6b Sport at Balkongen
Rampage thumbnail
5+ Sport at Verandan
Corona Virus thumbnail
Corona Virus
6a Sport at Verandan
Falk thumbnail
6a Sport at Verandan
Lind thumbnail
6c Sport at Verandan
Anna Banana thumbnail
Anna Banana
6a Sport at Verandan
Be Nice to your Belayer thumbnail
Romeo thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Balkongen
Big Mac thumbnail
Big Mac
7a+ Sport at Dungen
Mot höger thumbnail
Mot höger
7b+ Sport at Dungen
Inte aktuellt thumbnail
Inte aktuellt
7c Sport at Dungen
Stäng grinden! thumbnail
Stäng grinden!
7b Sport at Dungen
Fejkad orgasm thumbnail
Fejkad orgasm
6c+ Sport at Dungen
Rävskräck thumbnail
7a Sport at Dungen
I’m pretty much fucking far from OK thumbnail
Project thumbnail
? Sport at Dammen
Slutspelsskägg thumbnail
6c+ Sport at Dungen
Hockeyskägg thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Dungen
Finalskägg thumbnail
7c+ Sport at Dungen
Läderhosen thumbnail
Heliga baikal thumbnail
Heliga baikal
7c+ Sport at Hyllan
Kaunis kotimaa thumbnail
Kaunis kotimaa
8a+ Sport at Hyllan
Viks Kile

The area is access sensitive!

Do not park at the turning space closest to the crags.
Keep your dogs on leash while at the crag.
Do not put your litter in the containers at the parking lot, these are NOT for the climbers.
Do not climb at Stugväggen when there are people in the cottage closest to the crag.
Close all gates after passing them.
Do not forget to send some money for the parking.
Check even

From Göteborg, take motorway E6 northwards. Leave the motorway at exit 90, Stora Högamotet (signs for Tjörn/Orust/Stenungsund), follow road 160 for about 9 km and then turn left onto road 169 at the first traffic light after the big bridge, Tjörnbron. Follow the road to the junction signed Kyrkesund and turn right here. Drive towards Kyrkesund and then turn right at the T-junction in Långekärr (signs for Kyrkesund 4 km to the left). Follow the road to the junction signed Viks and turn right here. Drive along the gravelled road for about 1 km until you arrive at a T-junction with some letterboxes and trash cans on the left side of the road. Park on the right side of the road.
Note that the persons who take care of the parking lot want to get something back for it. Read the instructions on site.
The drive is about 65 km.
Dungen: From the car park follow the gravelled road for about 200 m and then follow the path on the field passing the sector of Dammen (the pond). Jump over the fence and keep left when the path forks. Continue through another gate (lock it after you passed!) and you’ll shortly arrive at the crag. The walk-in is about 500 m.
Do not move fences or leave gates open!
Balkongen & Verandan: First follow the approach for Dungen. Well at Dungen, continue past that crag and you should soon see the routes at Verandan. Balkongen is located just to the left of Verandan on a big ledge (there is an approach/scramble route to the left around the corner). The walk is about 600 m.
Dammen: From the car park follow the gravelled road for about 200 m and then continue along the path on the field for about 100 m. The crag is clearly visible to the right. Do not move fences or leave gates open!
Hyllan: To get there, follow the gravelled road for about 200 m and at the L-bend head upwards following the vague (basically not existing) and brushy path (the walk is about 300 m). Alternatively, you can use the approach for Tysklandsklippan.
Tysklandsklippan: From the car park follow the vague path that in some places is marked with red tags to the crag (the walk is about 200 m).
Stugväggen: Follow the left road from the T-junction until its end. Continue along a path for a while until you’ll see a summer cottage on the right. The crag is just beyond the house. The walk is about 750 m. Do not climb here when there are people in the house! is a small crag up to 15 m high. All routes are bolt.