No special access issues

By Private Vehicle:

To reach the crag by private vehicle exit Attiki Odos on Exit #8 (or #8A) for the E75 highway (direction to Lamia). Leave the E75 after about 5km at the signposted exit Thrakomakedones - Olympic Village (ΘΡΑΚΟΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΕΣ - ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟ ΧΩΡΙΟ). Turn left at the traffic light in order to cross the bridge over the E75. Continue on the main road, passing after 3km the gate of the Olympic village. At the end of the main road turn left (traffic light) on Antiohou Street (ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ), pass the first junction (where the street name changes to Neariou (ΝΕΑΡΙΟΥ)) and then immediately turn right to M. Alexandrou Street (Μ. ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ).

Stay on M. Alexandrou for 4,5km after the traffic light as it goes uphill and changes names first to Thrakis Street (ΘΡΑΚΗΣ) then to Thessalonikis Street (ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ) and finally to Veroias Street (ΒΕΡΟΙΑΣ).
Upon reaching the school building, turn right to Edessis Street (ΕΔΕΣΣΗΣ). Continue to Edessis for about 1km where it changes name to Kozanis Street (ΚΟΖΑΝΗΣ). At this point you have reached the outskirts of the Thrakomakedones settlement where the characteristic rock outcrop of Petra can be seen nearby. Park here and continue on foot through clearly visible footpath (red marks) to the crags.
Total walking distance: 500m, walking time: 10min, total positive altitude: 60m.

By Public Transport:

To get to the area, catch bus 724 just outside of “Metamorfosi” suburban railway station (line name: “N.Ionia-Acharnai-Thrakomakedones” (N.ΙΩΝΙΑ (ΚΥΚΛΙΚΗ) - AΧΑΡΝΑΙ - ΘΡΑΚΟΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΕΣ)). Get off the bus on “2nd Kozanis” bus stop (2η ΚΟΖΑΝΗΣ). The crag is visible and only 10min walk away.


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