No special access issues

Park as Apremont (to the end of Allee des Vaches). Total walk is about 1300 meters.

Walk as to Apremont Est. Walk for approx. 300 meters, take the path leading to the forest (along the tarmac walkway). Follow the path for 800 meters. You'll walk past Apremont Ouest, Apremont, Apremont Est and La Piano. After piano about 150-200 meters, there's path to the left. Take the path and walk uphill for 200-300 meters. First you'll bump into Fraise 24 and 23.

You can walk to Vallon de la Solitude via Apremont Est. Just keep following the Baltic Blue circuit from Arete du Boucher. The circuit goes east (19 - 24). At blue 24 you are at Vallon de la Solitude and blue 25 is where Deltaroc is.


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