Routes on Uusi Sipoo

12 boulder

We like Uusi Sipoo

Really nice routes, good rock quality and lots of potential for more.
One nice piece of rock!
Good rock quality and many nice lines!

Activities on this crag

Uusi Sipoo

Climbing has been limited!

Climbing allowed only in Kompressöör and Päällepäsmäri sectors at the moment! Please be sure there is no garbage or tickmarks on the cliffs!

👉 Important information to climbers arriving to Uusi Sipoo!
New parking places are marked to map. Park the car on the field, not on the tarmac road. Keep in mind that the field can get muddy if very wet so don't get stuck! Wood branches have been there in the parking lot for long time so don't worry about blocking them. Place a paper on the front window saying KIIPEILIJÄ.
Follow these approaches and parking markers. Private roads are allowed to use only for walking. Do not drive there by car.
Ylämäentie and Bysbackantie are now private roads. No driving there!

Approach: Follow the side of plantation field, (Ditch should be on your right hand side). It might take few groups of hikers first to get the path more visible. Never cross over field. Do not grind down plants at field! field can be muddy and wet so rubber boots are recommended! When you arrive to forest you can find path that leads to climbing sectors.

30min drive from Helsinki.