Cracking up thumbnail
Cracking up
7A+ Boulder at Pale Rider
Crack addict thumbnail
Crack addict
6C Boulder at Pale Rider
Pocket rustler thumbnail
Pocket rustler
6B+ Boulder at Pale Rider
Yesterday thumbnail
7B Boulder at Pale Rider
Pale Rider thumbnail
Pale Rider
7C+ Boulder at Pale Rider
Landscape arête thumbnail
Lighten up thumbnail
One in the hole thumbnail
Jug hauling thumbnail
Zao thumbnail
7B Boulder at Zao
The potato problem thumbnail
Stump hole cavern thumbnail
Smiley thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Smiley
Moosetache thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Smiley
Sproing thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Sproing
Hari Dippe thumbnail
Hari Dippe
6C Boulder at Hari Dippe
Moolman thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Moolman
Weed etiquette thumbnail
Weed etiquette
7A+ Boulder at Rasta Roof
John's mantle thumbnail
John's mantle
6C Boulder at Rasta Roof
Rasta roof thumbnail
Rasta roof
8A Boulder at Rasta Roof
Onyourear thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Rasta Roof
Big foot thumbnail
Big foot
7A Boulder at Big Foot
Bier boep (Beer belly) thumbnail
Beer muscle thumbnail
Beer muscle
5+ Boulder at The Wave
Use your rudder thumbnail
Use your rudder
6B+ Boulder at The Woody
Evan's problem thumbnail
Evan's problem
7B+ Boulder at The Woody
Lumpy faced Russians thumbnail
A rainy night in the Riethuis thumbnail
The height factor thumbnail
No Rudder thumbnail
No Rudder
6B+ Boulder at The Woody
The woody  thumbnail
The woody
7B Boulder at The Woody
Muay Thai thumbnail
Muay Thai
6C+ Boulder at Muay Thai
The potato direct thumbnail
Reversing smiley thumbnail
Reversing smiley
7A+ Boulder at Smiley
Head to head thumbnail
Head to head
6C Boulder at Head To Head
Let's straighten things out thumbnail
Carbunkle traverse thumbnail
Upper Campground - Rocklands

The area is access sensitive!

From Kliphuis Campground, follow the road for a couple of minutes until you reach three cottages. Either walk up to the Pale Rider Boulder on the hill above the cottages, or left along the cliff-line.

For Pale Rider the approach is around 700m and to the Rasta Roof 900m and Woody 1100m.

So we're talking about 10-20mins of approach.