No special access issues

Located above Lakkos, right in between the sea and the town of Leonidio.
From Leonidio you drive east towards the sea, which is main road towards Athens.
1,5km after the exit sign of Leonidio, past the windmills, is a wood lab on your right. Park 100m further on the right side of the road at the signs indicating several sectors to the left.

All 7 sectors are visible and easy to recognise from the street.

Walk up the dirt road on the left side till the house. Turn left and walk up the steep riverbed to the end of the fence and continue to the right along the fence. After about 150m take the obvious path going up the slope.
At this exact point, slightly above the fence the path splits:

A - HEADING to the 3 left sectors
Continue the main clear, easy curvy path uphill to reach:
Cave of Panagia (total walking time: 25 min), Mad Wall (22 min), Yellow Wall (12min)


B - HEADING to the 4 right sectors.
Turn right into a smaller path market with stone cairns heading towards the central - right side of the mountain range. To the sectors: Theos Pillar (20min), Theos Cave (25min), Micro Theos (27min), Theos Right (30min).


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