No special access issues

From Gothenburg take road 40 towards Borås. Take road 40 at Tullenmotet (exit 84, signposted Trollhättan/Alingsås) and then follow road 42 towards Trollhättan. Just when you leave Borås, you pass a roundabout. About 200 m after the roundabout, there is a small gravel pocket on the left side (Note: solid, turn the car further ahead). Ordinary parking has for some time been a construction site for the new district "Öresjö ängar". In the mentioned roundabout, you can take off on the small gravel road and keep directly to the right towards a deserted house. Some distance ahead you can park on both sides of the road, but make sure not to park in anyone. Then just walk across the small meadow, over the stream and follow the right edge up. Alternative parking options are continuously updated on the club's FB page. Parking for Sjöklippan / Punkväggen is described under Description.
When the construction project is completed, the climbing car park will be 50m from the area Vänster sida. The entire car journey is about 70 km long from Gothenburg.

Remember to show consideration, so that others can experience nature on the same terms as you.
- Park in the specified location, and with good judgment. Keep in mind, in particular that wide work vehicles should be able to pass.
- There may be local rules and agreements for this climbing area. It is your responsibility to keep up to date. The information is available at
- Always be nice and considerate to nearby residents, landowners and others who are in the area.
- Keep a low noise level.
- Clean up your own and others' rubbish
- If you have to go to the toilet in the woods, be sure to bury feces.
- Dogs must be on a leash during the period 1 March - 20 August. The dog must also be kept under surveillance at other times, so that it does not disturb wildlife or other visitors.
- Fire only in the specified location and ensure that the fire and embers are completely extinguished afterwards. Update yourself if there is a fire ban, before you starts a fire.

Have a great day in Tosseryd!


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email