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Henric Bjuveus opened 2 new trails on the Punkväggen (gära Kärrklippan) so now there are 4 high-quality joints open on the cliff: "Do not want to be with" 6c, fine, even and persistent climbing because the first 12m is imminent. No direct crux, but many nice moves / sequences and a little mental challenge at the end when the pump turns on. "Abab" 6c, easy climb up to the arête. A little crummy to get out on the arête and then thin fine climbing that ends, with an even thinner finish. Exposed and mentally challenging, but not particularly physically strenuous. "Leningrad skyline" 6c, easy climb up to death, then thin, crux, technical climbing. Neither is the particularly physically challenging, but the more mentally challenging. The first and earlier only trail on the cliff "Death to the reptile" 6c + by Mark Jansson in 1993 is then finely brushed and climbable. Starts in a roof with nice jugs, then a small crispy transition to the wall and then ends with nice wall climbing on good grip to the anchor (based on what I saw when I brushed it, not tested yet ;-) Also the open project, the entry variant of "Death to the reptile" is brushed. However, not the entry / roof, but there is only easier brushing for the one who is craving.
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