No special access issues

Road 222 towards Gustavsberg, turn off directly after Skurubron towards Björknäs (signposted). Drive under the motorway and turn right at the traffic lights. Then turn first left onto Talluddsvägen and follow this for about 2 km. Then turn right onto Heimdalsvägen and after 100 meters turn first left onto Friggvägen. Now do not miss to turn right after 25 meters, onto Emblavägen. Drive down the steep serpentine road and you will find the car park at the bottom. If the car park is full, there is another one immediately before you drive down the serpentine road.

Then walk another 60 meters forward and turn right onto a path before the first house. Follow the nice path around along the bay and the first sector (Musväggen) is straight ahead a bit uphill on the other side of the small stream. Continue another 200 meters along the nice path to get to sector Röda väggen. To get to sector Sjöväggen, round sector Röda väggen and follow a path up the slope to the right of sector Röda väggen and continue about 300 meters to Sjöväggen and a ledge with a rappel anchor.

Public transport:
Bus to stop Strömvägen. Then walk one km to the crag according to road directions from Talluddsvägen in the descriptions above.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email