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Le Pourpoint
5+ Sport at Vierge
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Les Fourmis
5+ Sport at Vierge
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Les Spinaches
6a+ Sport at Vierge
Sale Toutou thumbnail
Sale Toutou
6a+ Sport at Vignobles
Vivide Senzazioni thumbnail
Vivide Senzazioni
6a Traditional at Vignobles
L'Arête thumbnail
5 Sport at Vignobles
Cristabelle thumbnail
5+ Sport at Vignobles
La Niche thumbnail
La Niche
4+ Sport at Vignobles
Le Petit Michel thumbnail
Dièdre Mallieux thumbnail
Grande Cheminée thumbnail
Epée de Damoclès thumbnail
Pastorale thumbnail
6b Sport at Vignobles
L'Arête Raide thumbnail
Concerto thumbnail
5 Sport at Vignobles
Arbre à came thumbnail
Arbre à came
6a Sport at Vignobles
Allegro thumbnail
5+ Sport at Vignobles
L'Andante thumbnail
5 Sport at Vignobles
Persévérance (directe) thumbnail
Why Not thumbnail
Why Not
6a Sport at Vignobles
Jan L thumbnail
Jan L
6c+ Sport at Vignobles
Rackham le rouge thumbnail
Medium Regular thumbnail
Nouks thumbnail
5+ Sport at Vignobles
Chimpanzé thumbnail
5+ Sport at Vignobles
Le Radar thumbnail
Le Radar
5+ Sport at Vignobles
Police Montée thumbnail
L'As de coeur thumbnail
L'As de coeur
6a Sport at Vignobles
Pitoufat thumbnail
6c Sport at Vignobles
Nuage rose thumbnail
Nuage rose
6b Sport at Vignobles
Nuage noir thumbnail
Nuage noir
6b Sport at Vignobles
Il pleut sur la pizza du chef thumbnail
Short move thumbnail
Short move
4 Sport at Vignobles
Metal lourd thumbnail
Metal lourd
6b Sport at Vignobles
Délinquants-Rawête thumbnail
Lulu thumbnail
4 Sport at Vignobles
Ounsalopette thumbnail
7b Sport at Vignobles
Sortie des Jeans droite thumbnail
Sortie des Jeans directe thumbnail
Panique chez les neurones thumbnail
Finishing touch thumbnail
Côte de boeuf thumbnail
Chateaubriand thumbnail
6a Sport at Vignobles
Sentinelle thumbnail
5 Sport at Vignobles
Sentinelle Directe thumbnail
La voie du fou thumbnail

The area is access sensitive!

This cliff is situated on private ground. The Belgian Alpine Club has a special convention with the owner to be allowed to climb on the cliff and has also received the necessary permits from the authorities. As for all the belgian cliffs, it is mandatory to be member of the Belgian Alpine Club or Klim en Bergsport Federatie to be allowed to climb. The members of the other Alpine Clubs member of UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) are also allowed to climb under condition to have a valid membership and a valid liability insurance in case of accident.
No fire, no camping are allowed on the site.
Pedestrain access from the main parking in Sy following the path along the river Ourthe, going downstream. The path goes under the railway bridge, then aside small cliffs to arrive to a meadow. Just before the meadow "le Rocher de la Vierge" where climbing is not officially authorized by the authorities.
At the end of the meadow you see the cliff "Les Vignobles".
About 900 m from the parking.
The main cliff Les Vignobles is about 50 m after the end of the meadow, just right of the path. Just at the end of the meadow, you have a smaller cliff named "rocher des Trous" with 3 routes and between Les Vignobles and Les Trous, another small wand "Le Rocher du Tunnel" with 3 routes (difficult access and old equipment).