Quite shady and East oriented location makes summer not a bad choice to come here. Spring can be wet, depending on the winter before. Best season is autumn, like always...

Especially "Fallendes Laub" is quite rain protected. "Stempfemühler Wand" is not. But as soon as everything is wet, "Fallendes Laub" takes a lot of time to dry. Better chances you get at "Stempfermühle" when there are no leaves on the trees.

The two sectors offer short and overhanging, powerful routes on good structures. Mainly pockets and sloping jugs.

"Stempfermühler Wand" is not suitable for kids. "Fallendes Laub" instead is not bad, there's a caveish base and all routes are clos to eeachother.

Next Camping is in Moritz or Allersdorf. A lot of Accommodation is in and close to Gößweinstein, as well as shopping facilities and Restaurants/Cafés.

There's a free swimming pool in Gößweinstein.

💎 Goodies

- Jim Panze
- Grenzbereich
- Bad Girl

- Voodoo
- Unterhaltung
- Diebische Elster
- Fledermaus