No special access issues

Parking is right next to the street in Wiesent-Valley at a long lay-by across the mill "Stempfermühle". Approaching from West drive via "Ebermannstadt" up the river towards "Behringersmühle". Parking is 2 km after the junction towards "Leutzdorf", about 7,8 km after "Muggendorf".
Approaching from East drive via Gößweinstein/Behringersmühle down the Wiesent-valley towards "Ebermannstadt". Parking is to your left 870 meters after junction towards "Waischenfeld".

Stempfermühler Wand:
Go down the street towards "Ebermannstadt"/"Muggendorf" for 240 meters. Where the rail way bridge starts go ahead for 70 meters until there's a path to your right leading up to the wall.

Fallendes Laub:
Go up the street towards "Behringersmühle" for a few meters and take the hiking path to your left leading up to the small house. In front of the house turn left, there's a path leading parallel to the street towards "Muggendorf". Follow that path for 80 meters. It'll end up at the crag.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email