By Private Vehicle:

Starting from Lavriou avenue (Λεωφόρος Λαυρίου), follow the road till reaching the town of Koropi. A short while after entering the town, turn right to Fleming street (Οδός Φλέμινγκ) where a sign to “Kekropia Theater” (Θέατρο Κεκρωπία) exists. Reach shortly at the end of this road, turn right and then, where the road splits, turn left. Follow this road for approximately 5,4 km. At this point the paved road ends and a dirt road continues. Continue on the dirt road for another 2,2 km and shortly after passing some small buildings and a well to your left, turn left onto another dirt road. From this point the road surface quality slightly degrades. After another 150m a crossroad exists, where you should turn left. A 4WD can take you literally below the rocks. Conventional 2WD car owners usually choose to park 300m before the crag to avoid the last roughest part of the dirt road. To reach Pano Sesi continue uphill southeast of Sesi following a faint path and the occasional stone cairn. The crags are visible higher up on the hill. Total walking distance: 300-750m, walking time: 3-10min, total positive altitude: negligible / 70m

By Public Transport:

It is not possible to reach Sesi by public transport.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email