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From Arco head to Trento. Follow the main road till the roundabout of Dro town (4 km). Go straight on, stay on the road for 8.9 km and you will find on the right the “Boulder City” climbing gym and the Vertical Sport shop.
For Sisyphos or Athos crags, turn right and leave the car in the large car park.
Alternatively, go straight on at the roundabout and drive till the first roundabout of Sarche (1.8 km).
To reach Sarche, Muro dei meridiani or Panoramica car park, follow Trento indications and after few meters enter the “Centro Sarche” shopping center on the right and park here.
Finally, if your goal is Il posto delle fragole, do not enter the shopping center, but reach the next roundabout and turn left (Madonna di Campiglio indications). Drive for 2.4 km and park your car on the right, inside the hairpin bend (tunnel after the bend).

Sisyphos and Athos:
Come back to the main road and head to the roundabout. Cross the road and head to Trento. When you reach a green house on the left, turn left and get the dirt road that continues northwards. Go through the houses, walk over the the quarry and follow the dirt road for about 250 meters. Look for a path on the left that goes uphill towards the rocky belt. The first part of the path is on a stony ground. Follow the path for 5-10 minutes until it becomes flatter and enter the woods. To reach Sisyphos stay on this path that leads to the wall in a short time. Otherwise, look for some red dots on the right and follow them until you find a new path with some fixed ropes that in 10 minutes leads to Athos.

Sarche, Muro dei meridiani and Panoramica:
Reach the main road and walk Trento direction till the roundabout. Turn left, go over the gas station and stay on the main road for 250 meters, go over the bridge over Sarca river and turn left. Follow the road, go over the houses and reach the bumpy road.

Walk on this road for about 500 meters. Look for a pillar of stones on the right that indicates the path to the crag (20 meters before a road with a barrier). Follow the uphill path that goes into the woods. Stay on this path and, when you get to the wall, keep the left. In a short time you will reach the northernmost sector. To reach the other sectors continue to follow the path.

Muro dei meridiani and Panoramica:
Walk on this road for about 300 meters. Look for an uphill path on the right that goes into the woods. Follow it until turns into a short hiking trail with a steel cable. After about 15 meters there is a junction. Go right following the cable and you will get to Panoramica, while if you take the fixed rope on the left and follow evident red dots, you will reach Muro dei meridiani.

Il posto delle fragole:
Cross the road in the middle of the bend and climb the guard rail. Take the evident path following the signs to Sarche (427). After some tens of meters you will find a small pillar of stones, turn right and follow this path that in about 10 minutes leads to the crag. You have to downclimb using a fixed rope to reach the crag base.


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