Rochers de la Vierge

The area is access sensitive!

The area is part of the Natura2000 network. Please take extra care of the fauna and flora. There are a variety of protected plants and species. Part of the routes has been prohibited for climbing (bolts have been made impossible to use).

From the parking lot, folow the path along the railroad in southern direction until a small tunnel under the railroad at your left. Take this tunnel and turn left immediately after it. Follow the path in northern direction to reach the rocks
DO NOT CROSS OVER THE RAILWAY directly from the parking lot, under no circumstance! .

Arête de Chirmont Face Sud
25 routes on 2 topos
Arête de la Rigolade
2 routes on 1 topo
Rocher de Fairon
8 routes on 2 topos
Rocher de Fairon secteur blocs
9 routes on 1 topo
Grand Ressaut
12 routes on 2 topos
Tour de Chirmont
2 routes on 1 topo
Rochers de la Vierge
General marker for the crag