Rocher du Télégraphe
Never heard about it? Actually a surprisingly famous and big area. It can be divided into family friendly and less family friendly areas. Walking into the area you will come into the children's area, where you can find three children's circuits: rose; for children from 3 years, white; from 5 years on and caramel from 8 years and up. The children's circuits have been drawn by François Louvel.

Higher up following the ridge (from east to west) you can find a technical blue D+ circuit (34 problems). And the rest of the problems are mostly spread around underneath this circuit, some though a lot more west.
For the strong climbers you can find over 70 problems graded harder than 7A! And on 27 crags over 180 problems all together.

Some star routes to check out:

Le Plat du Chef (assis) 7C+ (stand 7B)
Pure Line 7C (7m long roof crack with hand jamming!!!!)
Abri Bouse 7B+
Coup d'Épaule (direct) 7B+
Taillé à Son Insu 7B
Cross-Fit (direct) 7A+
Coup d'Épaule 7A
Le Cadeau 7A
Tom 6C+
Pudding à l'Arsenic 6C
Coup de Tonnerre (gauche) 6B+
Brûlant de Fièvre 6B
Vague à l'Âme 6A
Dom 5+
La Croisade 5

Go there and have fun! Around the children's area you can find something also to play around with even if you're fully grown :)