Rocher du Général
This area has some real gems around it and some very nice circuits. The area is located just next to Diplodocus and Rocher des Troubadoures. Often very quiet, but the rock quality and the quality of the lines around has nothing to do with that. It's just hiding in the shadow of the other big areas in Trois Pignon.

The blue circuit is very hard for it's color, it's though graded as TD- which is maybe the hardest graded blue in the entire forest, usually we see TD graded red and even black circuits. The circuit is 1-41 long, but has an depart problem if you like so. The first 24 problems are around the main hill, but then the blue circuit continues north-east. You can see a clear visible path going from blue 24 in this direction. Along this path you'll also find some other cool problems.

The yellow PD+ circuit is not easy for an yellow either, could easily be orange in many areas. This yellow circuit is 1-41 (41 is marked A) long and features mostly small boulders with good landings.

Outside of the circuit boulders you have a few very nice lines here and there.. and for the one seeking to open some new stuff, there might be plenty of problems to brush and make possible first ascents on!

This is a very family friendly area even though it might be a bit of a hassle to bring a stroller to every boulder.

The reception around the area varies from zero to okay, but it's highly recommended to download the guide for offline use.

Maybe a place to visit a busy weekend? You will be happily surprised by the quality of this area as well!