30 km long and 15 km wide plateau Čićarija spreads from the Slovenian border to the Poklon saddle. In this large area there are a few, side by side, sets of peaks. Since there are no forest areas, they mostly serve as places that offer nice view. One of them is, surely, the hill Raspadalica from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of town of Buzet and smaller places in the vicinity. There, the plateau ends and the ground is steeply sloping towards the valley, and, combined with good thermic conditions, it is especially suitable for paragliders. That is the reason why it is considered to be one of the most famous paragliding take off grounds in Croatia.
Under the brink of the plateau lays a rock face with great, but only partially exploited potential for equipping new routes. Sadly, approach to this rock is fallow and overgrown with vegetation. Considering the sector A, the situation is slightly better. Bottom of the rock face is steep and overgrown too but the quality of the rock is good (although some parts of the rock are of the poor quality). Routes are partially excellent and partially poorly equipped.
With a help from Nevio, the legend of Raspadalica, the most active bolters have been climbers from Pazin.
The base of the crag is not so comfortable and not advisable for childern.
Accommodation: At the edge of the plateau, near the launching site, Nevio Ladavac, the land owner, built a small and cosy campsite. He is a contact person providing all the necessary information regarding Raspadalica – to those interested in paragliding, as well as climbing.


Equipping of the crag started at the end of 90s at the initiative of Nevio Ladavac, Ivica Brajković and Klaudio Šćulac. Long time there was no news until recently when Klemen Bečan started with equipping a cave on the left side of the barrier.