Prado del Navazo Albarracìn

The area is access sensitive!

Read the general rules about bouldering in Albarracín in the description section.

Park on the main parking

Follow the path towards techos, but when you come to the open field, take the left path. Just at the end of the field, turn right and you will see the first rock of the area.

Nirvana playground
5 routes on 5 topos
Hombre de cueva
1 route on 2 topos
1 route on 1 topo
1 route on 3 topos
Cool one
1 route on 1 topo
Puto Mosquito
1 route on 5 topos
Café Solo
0 route on 1 topo
3 routes on 1 topo
Warm up block
0 route on 3 topos
Piedra De Los Huertos
5 routes on 5 topos
Big parking of Albarracín
Prado del Navazo Albarracìn
General marker for the crag