29 boulder

No special access issues

Crag is missing access information, so remember that climbing is not always permitted. When parking, remember to leave unobstructed way for local habitants and agricultural machinery. Do not litter or make unnecessarily loud noises when at the cliff. Making fire is allowed only with a permit! Read more

We like Porvoonkatu

A nice city crag. Please folks behave – don't make noise or leave trash, etc. – it's a residential area. Apartments right across the street so be extra kind. Also be aware of dog poop on the lawn. Crag mostly dries slowly after rain because of vegetation and water emitting cracks, except for maybe kettu, rotta and koala.
Ei kyl mikään varsinainen kiipeilykaltsi. Koiranpaskatusnurtsi ländinä, kehnoa kivee ja julkinen paikka missä sata kävelijää suhaa vierestä.

Activities on this crag