Nice climbing on grey limestone in a quiet setting and beautiful surroundings and with super easy approaches.
Especially Castel 1 is extremely easy to reach, even with a stroller.

📈 📊
The climbing is best for the beginning and intermediate climber, but some nice routes in the 7th grade can be found too.

🔩 🧗‍♀️ ⛏
Besides climbing, there is an easy Via Ferrata. At Castel 4, you will also find some routes where you can practice dry-tooling.

📚 A paper guidebook is available from the kbf webshop


Climbing has been limited!

📝 Before you go climbing, you have to register at the front desk of the hotel.

This crag is located on private property and maintained by the Klim- en Bergsportfederatie. This federation manages and rents the property and is responsible for the crags, the access, the surrounding forest and the environmental permits necessary for establishing climbing routes and (re)bolting existing routes.
Many Belgian climbing areas are located in a sensitive Natura 2000 protected environment. Therefore please respect the place and it's rules to avoid any issues. Access is limited to members of an official climbing federation or alpine club affiliated with either the UIAA or the IFSC.

🇧🇪 For Belgian climbers this means they will have to be a member of the Club Alpin Belge (CAB) or the Klim- en Bergsportfederatie (KBF).
🇳🇱 Dutch climbers will have to be a member of the Nederlandse Klim- en Bergsport Vereniging (NKBV) and will need to buy a so-called "klimjaarkaart".
🌎 Climbers from other countries must be a member of an official climbing federation or alpine club. By being a member you will support the stewardship of the Belgian Crags as well as the development of new climbing areas.

🅟 Parking only OUTSIDE the fence of the hotel as indicated on the crag map.

🚶‍♂️ 5 - 10 min along the trail marked on the map. Do not go through the hotel, but walk around as indicated.

🚽 You will find a toilet close to the start of the Via Ferata, near the base of Castel 4

The area is part of the Natura2000 network. Please take extra care of fauna and flora. Don't leave trash and if someone else did, carry it out.

⛔️ The sector "Trou Magritte" is located on private property.