The Plateau is a very popular option - due to its proximity to the campground and high concentration of good boulder problems.

The boulders are somewhat spread out, so we've added a nice amount of trails so you can easily find the different boulders and areas.

Some problems you should definitely try:
Poison Dwarf
Human Energy
Born Into Struggle
Hole in One
Arch Babysitter

Those are to name a few, but there's more.

Go and explore!


When in 2005, Flo Grimus, Tom Bartl & I came to the north of South Africa, the original plan was a trip through Namibia to try and find some great bouldering. Sure, as a backup I always had the Cederberg mountains in mind, from 1998 when I was there for 3 weeks during March and April. After some great exploring in Namibia but also tiring car driving we decided to switch plans and head towards Rocklands. We spent a day or two in the classic areas, the developed spots, and it didn't take us long to realise how amazing and how much of outstanding rock is home to this mountain range. The weather wasn't great and there were quite a lot of rainy days. But down in this valley it seemed to have less rain and different rocks. While the classic areas had a lot of sit-start problems with focus on finger power, in the valley everything seemed to be taller with less holds. Purer lines demanding all around body climbing. In my old days this was what I always searched for. We could not believe how much fun it was spending time out here. Sometimes I climbed for 5 or 6 days in a row, already tired from the days before but too stoked to rest and not be able to climb on the still so many king lines to open. On the few days we didn't climb we hiked around a lot, to seek and spot out new stuff. I can say for all 3 of us it was one of the most amazing times ever, bouldering.