Routes on Nalkkilan släbi

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We like Nalkkilan släbi

Amazing slab! Very slippery, even when not wet! Very different, so much coolness, such balancing!
Quite an unique place. Try to keep your shoe soles clean. We don't want polished holds on friction slab, do we?
Släbtastic climbing... No holds, no worries...

Activities on this crag

Nalkkilan släbi

The area is access sensitive!

The cliff is on private land, and climbing is allowed only because of the permission from the landowner.

So to continue to enjoy climbing at this cliff, it´s important to follow these rules:

- if the gate is closed, park at the side of the road. Always leave unobstructed way for local habitants and agricultural machinery
- no open fire!

- don't litter! Take all your trash with you when you leave, also ex. ash and banana peels are trash.

- climbing in area is not allowed to threaten or hinder landowners work or agriculture
- be polite when you meet the landlord or other locals