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Monte Meta

The area is access sensitive!

From Alfedena take the road to Pianoro Campitelli, go straight until a crossroads (where the road become large and a fountain on the right is visible), turn right and follow the road which goes slighty up toward the mountains. After 4.9 km Moonboard boulder is visible among the trees to the right.
The Moonboard boulder has a super easy access, it lies just 50m from the road.
To reach the others blocs arrive by car to Pianoro Campitelli (just 1.2 km after the Moonboard) where there's a parking (1440 m a.s.l.). Take L1 hiking track which passes through a beautiful beech forest, once arrived at the end of the woodland (about 45 minutes walking - 1.700 m a.s.l.) continue to follow the path on the mounds. After have hiked 2-3 hundreds meters 3 big boulders are visible looking towards right. To this point simply walk heading to them among mounds and grasslands (about 1 hour and 15 minutes from the start).
From late July to early September it's forbidden to hike L1 track to protect the fauna. For more information see the Abruzzo National Park website.
In late winter or spring it's possible arrive there by skiing.