Maunoury is one of the sectors, which are underrated.

People usually know Mowgli, Irreversible and Movement activated. But this sector has a lot to offer.

There is a very beautiful blue circuit (71 problems), a demanding red circuit (36 problems). Orange circuit is also nice, but it's a bit hard to follow at times.

We would recommend you classics like:
Waimea, 7A
Rababoum, 7A (AMAZING!)
Oasis, 7B

And some less known problems like:
Apophis, 7A
Wolf Gang, 7B
Cuicuishovsky, 7A
Cuicuishkaniev, 7A+

And off the beaten path:
Horizon Perdu, 7A
Shere Khan, 7B
Jet Set, 7A