Massone is one of the classic and best crags of Arco. There are almost 200 routes of all the grades and styles.
Slabs, vertical walls and huge overhangs allow this crag to be climbed by everyone. San Martino sectors are perfect for kids and for who is starting climbing. Classic sector is more technical while Abissi has long endurance routes. Pueblo sector is super overhanging and has the maximum difficulties.
Since Massone has become so famous, most routes can be polished, but they are still beautiful.
It is possible to climb all the year and some routes can be tried also when it is raining.
The crag base is comfortable also for the families.

Massone absolutly deserve a visit, expecially it gives its best with cold temperatures.


The first routes of Massone were bolted in the 80s in the Classic and Abissi sector. Due to its beautiful colours, the crag was also called "Policromuro". The sector Pueblo was an "olite" quarry in the 1800 century and was used as a bomb shelter by the inhabitants of Massone and San Martino during the Second World War.

Recently the municipality of Arco developed the San Martino sectors and some new easy routes in the first part of the classic sector.
Also Pueblo sector, which is known for "Underground" (one of the hardest 9a roof of Italy), gained new hard routes and connections.