No special access issues

Coming from Arco, take Trento direction and after the roundabout turn right. Now keep following the brown signals "FALESIA POLICROMURO" until you get to the car park of the Classic sector (some reference points in order: elementary school on the left, cemetery on the right, Massone church on the right, narrow uphill street, olive grove). Sometimes Massone can be crowded, so, if there is not enough space, it is possible keep following the road and park on the sides.
There are also some other car parks for Pueblo sector: follow the road for 600 meters from the main car park. In front of a small private garden there are few parking spaces.
To reach the car park of the "Family San Martino" sectors, take the first left turning of the olive groove (or if you have already reached the classic car park, go back and turn right). Follow the downhill road for about 150 meters (the crag will be visible on the right), then take the left turn after the wooden gate.

- Family San Martino crags: from the car park of the cemetery go back on the road traveled previously, both crags will be clearly visible on the left

- Classic sector: well defined trails start from the car park of the Classic sector; they all lead in a couple of minutes to the crag.

- Abissi and Pueblo sectors: take the large uphill path starting behind the pole and near the bathroom. In a couple of minutes sector Abissi will appear on the left. Sector Pueblo can be reached by following the same route for a few hundred meters more.

- Pueblo sector from the upper car park: follow the main road for 50 meters and take the downhill path on the left (do not park your car here!!).


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email