No special access issues

From Arco head to Trento. Follow the main road for about 4 km until you get to the roundabout of Dro town. Go straight on towards Trento and drive for 3.9 km, till you find the “Elias adventure park” and the building of the sculptor on the right. Park your car on the large space on the left side of the road if you want to climb on the boulders of Massi di Gaggiolo. Otherwise, if your goal is Placche zebrate, the boulder area or Monte Brento, keep driving for other 600 meters and enter the large car park on the left side of the road.

Massi di Gaggiolo:
From the car park, walk along the left side of the road towards Trento and after few meters take the evident path on the left leading to the boulders.

Placche zebrate and boulder area:
An evident and large path starts from the car park and leads to the crag. Initially walk on this path for about 300 meters. When you get to the dirt road go left for about 10 meters and take another large path on the right. Walk for 250 meters until you find another forest road. Cross it and continue walking on the path till you get to the crag base.
The multi-pitches approach is explained in their descriptions. To come back it is possible to top out the route and get the evident path coming down to the base.
The boulders are spreaded in the area around the main path. Have a look at the gps coordinates in the map.

Monte Brento:
Same initial part as Placche zebrate. When you reach the second forest road, do not cross it towards the slabs, but follow it left direction. Walk on this road for more than 2 km and you will get to an aqueduct. The multi-pitches approach is explained in their description starting from this point.


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