Routes on Masriudoms

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We like Masriudoms

A limited number of routes, but they are very good.
Very good steep climbing. Possible to climb here in the rain. Wintercrag

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

Note: the cave and its approach are situated on private land and it is of the utmost importance that visiting climbers behave responsibly!

Approach: turn off the C-44 midway between Km-4 and Km-5 into the village of Masriudoms. Follow the main road Carrer Major through the centre of the village then, immediately after passing a font, fork right onto Carrer de Sant Josep. As this narrow road leaves the village it turns into a track, surfaced at the beginning, and marked by a signpost PRC-90/Riu de Llastres/Mas de L’Abella. Continue driving for approximately 630m to a parking area on the left of the track, just after a broad left-hand bend. On foot, continue along the track for 70m then turn right onto a well-marked footpath, which is followed for approximately 370m to where it rejoins the track (effectively cutting out a large loop) shortly before passing an old farmhouse — Mas del Cota. Immediately after the farmhouse, next to an old stone font, leave the track to follow a well-marked path (cairns) leading down into a dry streambed and then up the wooded hillside to the base of the crag (15 minutes). Note: routes 24-28 start from a higher terrace, which is accessed using fixed ropes.