Coel dela val dela porta:
Coel dela val dela porta is a beautiful cave with long and hard routes. Having a lot of endurance is the key to reach the top of most of the lines. All the routes are overhanging and over the seventh grade. The easiest route is used as approach to the harder ones. Since the wall is strongly overhanging, it is possible to climb also when it is raining.
The base of the crag is ok and the equipment is good. The approach to the wall is short but not so children friendly.

From Coel dela val dela porta it is possible to enjoy a beautiful landscape over the valley.

Margone offers over 30 routes of every style of climbing, from technical slabs to bouldery overhangs. The difficulties goes from 6a to 8a. The sector on the left has a nice grey slab, while the one on the right has roofs and tufas.
The equipment is good and the base of the crag is comfortable, despite some bushes and small trees that were grown close to the wall.

Nowadays the crag results a little bit wild due to the low frequentation, but the routes are still very nice.

Herr wall:
Herr wall is a beautiful vertical wall with over 20 routes harder than 6b. Technical and finger strength are necessary to properly enjoy the pitches. The equipment is good and the base of the crag is ok.

Herr wall is a nice winter crag and the view over Ranzo is beautiful.


Coel dela val dela porta:
The crag was equipped by several climbers. We remember Danilo Bonvecchio, Simone Banal, Rolando Larcher, E. Bettega, A. Stenico, L. Goller and D. J. Hall.

Margone was bolted by Danilo Bonvecchio, Daniele Lira, M.Curti and D. J. Hall.

Herr Wall:
Herr wall was initially bolted by M. Zorzi. In the last years Marco Faes improved the work, adding new beautiful lines.