No special access issues

From Arco head to Trento. Follow the main road until you get to the second roundabout of Sarche. Turn right, drive for 5.6 km, go under the bridge and after the bend turn right. At the roundabout take the last exit (Ranzo). Keep following the main road following Ranzo indication, go over the tunnels and reach a crossroad with the indication to Margone. Do not take Margone direction, but go straight on towards Ranzo.
If your goal is Margone or Coel dela val dela porta, drive for 1.4 km and park your car on the left side of the road. The car park is in front of a memorial and some meters before a white-red signal with the indication of path 627 “Margone/Ciago”.
Otherwise if you want to reach Herr wall, drive for other 1.2 km and you will find on the right side of the road a small car park close to a ruined deposit (about 100 meters before Ranzo).

Coel dela val de la porta:
From the car park in front of the memorial, walk on the main road for about 100 meters towards Ranzo and look for a path between the rockfall protections that goes into the woods (from the road the crag is clearly visible). Follow this path for a couple of minutes and you will reach the wall.

Take path 627 towards “Margone/Ciago” and follow it for about 230 meters. Close to the hairpin bend going to the left, there is a small path going to the right. Take it and in few minutes you will reach the crag.

Herr wall:
Look for the path going into the woods just before the car park. Follow it until you reach some iron rails. Take the path that goes diagonally to the left in the woods and you will reach the crag.


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