Routes on Lietlahti Park

24 sport 350 boulder

We like Lietlahti Park

Juliet Leonova • 6 months ago
Exploring this place was a cool experience, a wonderful bouldering area hidden amongst wild Karelian forests. Yet there's still much more to discover, I'll be glad to come back in Spring! Many thanks to the owners of Lietlahti homestead, a place with a great community and atmosphere, a true home for all climbers;)
Dmitry Batrak • almost 2 years ago
Great place to stay with hospitable hosts and a short distance from another great (sport) region - Triangular lake.
Svetlana Babkina • over 1 year ago
The perfect place for bouldering . Lietlahti! Sweet Home for anyone who ever gets here. I love it. And i miss.

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