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Šimun, Jakov i Mate thumbnail
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Radio Dalmacija
6a+ Sport at A - Osoje
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7b+ Sport at A - Osoje
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6b+ Sport at A - Osoje
Thompson thumbnail
7a+ Sport at A - Osoje
Maslac i pašteta thumbnail
Za rudarku thumbnail
Za rudarku
6c+ Sport at A - Osoje
Francev thumbnail
6c Sport at A - Osoje
Betin thumbnail
7b+ Sport at A - Osoje
Sektor B thumbnail
Sektor B
6b+ Sport at A - Osoje
Ko sir thumbnail
Ko sir
5 Sport at A - Osoje
Zig thumbnail
5+ Sport at A - Osoje
Zag thumbnail
5 Sport at A - Osoje
Brzi thumbnail
5 Sport at A - Osoje
Team Rabbit thumbnail
Team Rabbit
5 Sport at A - Osoje
Ključni thumbnail
4 Sport at A - Osoje
Čikaš thumbnail
4+ Sport at A - Osoje
Brištanac thumbnail
4 Sport at A - Osoje
Neka traje thumbnail
Neka traje
4+ Sport at A - Osoje
Loza naša thumbnail
Loza naša
4 Sport at A - Osoje
Nećete u Čavoglave thumbnail
San o pivi thumbnail
San o pivi
5 Sport at A - Osoje
Karmela thumbnail
5 Sport at A - Osoje
Pao Mihovil thumbnail
Pao Mihovil
4+ Sport at A - Osoje
Mala bistra pčela Maja thumbnail
Teton thumbnail
5+ Sport at A - Osoje
Anestezija thumbnail
5+ Sport at A - Osoje
Brijem da da thumbnail
Brijem da da
5+ Sport at A - Osoje
Brački klan thumbnail
Brački klan
6c Sport at A - Osoje
Samiljevaca thumbnail
6a+ Sport at A - Osoje
VR 46 thumbnail
VR 46
6b Sport at A - Osoje
Meti brate thumbnail
Meti brate
6c Sport at A - Osoje
Prva ljubav thumbnail
Prva ljubav
6c+ Sport at A - Osoje
Javne žene thumbnail
Javne žene
6c Sport at A - Osoje
Branko i danguba thumbnail
Branko i danguba extended thumbnail
Pristupni put thumbnail
Pristupni put
5+ Sport at A - Osoje
Dorotea thumbnail
6b Sport at A - Osoje
Sami vrh thumbnail
Sami vrh
6c Sport at A - Osoje
Vrata Krke thumbnail
Vrata Krke
6c Sport at A - Osoje
Big Boy thumbnail
Big Boy
6a Sport at A - Osoje
Drniški sokol thumbnail
Fantastique thumbnail
6c+ Sport at A - Osoje
Vatanabe thumbnail
7a+ Sport at A - Osoje
Vatanabe varijanta thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
? Sport at A - Osoje
Projekt thumbnail
? Sport at A - Osoje
Didovina thumbnail
8a Sport at A - Osoje
Dašija thumbnail
7c+ Sport at A - Osoje
Chicola thumbnail
7b+ Sport at A - Osoje
Lavanderman thumbnail
7a+ Sport at A - Osoje
Super Hrvoje thumbnail
Super Hrvoje
7a Sport at A - Osoje
I like Croatia thumbnail
I like Croatia
6c+ Sport at A - Osoje
Zvizdan thumbnail
7a+ Sport at A - Osoje
Bitka na Čikoli thumbnail
The sun of Šibenik thumbnail
Puerto Rico thumbnail
Puerto Rico
8a Sport at A - Osoje
Downgrader thumbnail
Projekt IČ thumbnail
End game thumbnail
Fucking bitch thumbnail
Honeymoon thumbnail
Rupetina thumbnail
Menopauza thumbnail
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Slavek thumbnail
Karantena thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
Malo sutra thumbnail
Drot kefa thumbnail
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Mile Kekin thumbnail
Ponoć thumbnail
6b Sport at A - Osoje
Anamarijin thumbnail
Čančara thumbnail
Kali thumbnail
Scardona thumbnail
Zlatna žila thumbnail
Golden brown thumbnail
Cipus thumbnail
7b+ Sport at J - Čelinka (Sige)
Niprije thumbnail
Život bez Corone thumbnail
Sigo lažljiva thumbnail
Bez maske do daske thumbnail
Kraljica aerobika thumbnail
Pedikura thumbnail
Yoga freak thumbnail
Zen thumbnail
7a Sport at J - Čelinka (Sige)
Tanđara thumbnail
Krešin thumbnail
Kruva i prš'ta thumbnail
Grenguar thumbnail
Diego thumbnail
7a+ Sport at J - Čelinka (Sige)
Tužna su zelena polja - extension thumbnail
Garo thumbnail
6a Sport at A - Osoje
Kalamar thumbnail
La Bora Bora  (Grenguar extension) thumbnail
Gogo and the Gang thumbnail
Narodni radio thumbnail
Lavov thumbnail
Dida Bobo thumbnail
Grenguar al mar thumbnail
Stranac thumbnail
Ljuta paprika thumbnail
Crispy Jalopeno thumbnail
Nema labavo thumbnail
Dreamland  - Projekt thumbnail
Pale Ale thumbnail
Real feel thumbnail
Knjiga o džungli thumbnail
Babina disleksija thumbnail
Vuhobran thumbnail
Tingl tangl thumbnail
So long Neža thumbnail
Pepel in kri thumbnail
Astra iz Zenice thumbnail
Čudomix thumbnail
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Rudius thumbnail
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Asterix i Obelix thumbnail
Imperator thumbnail
Veni vidi thumbnail
Gladius thumbnail
Spartak thumbnail
Sica thumbnail
Kita Teova thumbnail
Zorka thumbnail
7b+ Sport at J - Čelinka (Sige)
Zec thumbnail
Kristijan thumbnail
Anđelka thumbnail
Varijanta KuA thumbnail
Mali mačić thumbnail
Tečka stara  thumbnail
Apartmani Tetlo thumbnail
Beyond the rainbow's end thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
Centurion thumbnail
Circus maximus thumbnail
Rupice thumbnail
Nr.1 thumbnail
7a+ Sport at C - Nr.1
Mirzaten thumbnail
5 Sport at C - Nr.1
Ecytara thumbnail
6a+ Sport at C - Nr.1
Ludus Magnus thumbnail
Geriatrix thumbnail
Kozoderix thumbnail
Burnum thumbnail
Pilum thumbnail
Trtarski thumbnail
6b Sport at B -Paščara
Dandžn thumbnail
6a+ Sport at B -Paščara
Okolo kole thumbnail
Okolo kole
7b Sport at B -Paščara
Morša thumbnail
7a Sport at B -Paščara
Gnjurac thumbnail
6c+ Sport at B -Paščara
Hobo thumbnail
7a+ Sport at E - Peka
Geni kameni thumbnail
Geni geni kameni (project) thumbnail
Junac thumbnail
6b Sport at B -Paščara
Tukac thumbnail
5+ Sport at B -Paščara
Let's start again thumbnail
Pilum extension thumbnail
Trakavica thumbnail
5+ Sport at B -Paščara
Dina je najljepša thumbnail
Bogo thumbnail
6c Sport at A - Osoje
Ružica thumbnail
Iluzija thumbnail
5+ Sport at C - Nr.1
Konfuzija thumbnail
6c Sport at C - Nr.1
Legija thumbnail
Legija first part thumbnail
Ledena voda thumbnail
Ledena voda
6a Sport at A - Osoje
Divlja voda thumbnail
Divlja voda
6a Sport at A - Osoje
Ne delajte mi umjetnjake thumbnail
Umjesto tostera thumbnail
Bura okriće thumbnail
Neću izdat ja thumbnail
Balkansko sunce i dalmatinska linost thumbnail
Iza devet sela thumbnail
Slavica thumbnail
Gas do daske thumbnail
Funky rock n roll thumbnail
Ružica extension thumbnail
Potkovnjak thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
Ljutu travu na ljutu ranu thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
? Sport at A - Osoje
Pucko thumbnail
6a Sport at A - Osoje
Punky reggae party thumbnail
Antonija Bilić thumbnail
Kruha i heavy metala thumbnail
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Projekt 1 thumbnail
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Projekt 9 thumbnail
Projekt 10 thumbnail
Projekt 11 thumbnail
Projekt 12 thumbnail
Projekt 14 thumbnail
Projekt 15 thumbnail
Heaven and hell   thumbnail
Projekt 13 thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
Projekt Ljubo thumbnail
Džungla - Honeymoon (projekt) thumbnail
Knjiga o džungli direct exit - projekt thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
Petardo thumbnail
7a+ Sport at E - Peka
? thumbnail
6c Sport at E - Peka
Dalmatino alasera thumbnail
Full dobro (project) thumbnail
Cikolata kalda thumbnail
Cikolata kalda
6c+ Sport at E - Peka
Nije govno neg se pas posra thumbnail
Top shit thumbnail
Top shit
6b+ Sport at K - Sračara
Nećete u šparoge   thumbnail
Projekt thumbnail
? Sport at K - Sračara
Ćaćin nos thumbnail
Šumska ciklama thumbnail
Volin cajke thumbnail
Čikola canyon

The area is access sensitive!

From the A1 motorway take exit for Šibenik (if you come from the direction of Split it is the first exit, and it is the second exit if you come from the direction of Zadar). Continue to Drniš until Pakovo selo, than turn to Miljevci. Continue until you see the canyon and here, in front of you on the right, lies the crag. Neglect it for now, pass the bridge across the Čikola river and ascend to the other side of the canyon where you will find a big parking lot.
Now descend back to the canyon on foot, parallel to the road, until you reach a comfortable marked trail that leads to the bottom of the crag (15 min).

🧗🏼‍♀️For Betka's sector, we do not descend towards the Osoja sector, but continue to the east along the upper edge of the wall. We pass by the start of the zip line, and at the lookout we turn slightly to the left and follow the markings towards the beginning of the Čikola ferrata. Continue along the secured part of the ferrata and continue towards sector Betkin (15min). If you follow the path for 10 minutes more you will reach sector Koloseum. You need to go left up just before via ferrata turns down right .

🧗🏼‍♂️For the summer sector you need to not turn left in the Pakovo selo village ( where you turn when go towards Čikola canyon and old sectors) but follow D33 road for 600m and then turn left. Follow asphalt road first, pass the village and follow macadam road to the end. Park near old houses. Find a wide path and follow it in the direction of the canyon (NW). After few hunderd meter turn right to the marked path and follow it to the crag (15-20 min). Somewhere on the half way to the summer sector you need to turn left ( marks) if you want to go to sector Sige (see map).