Čikola canyon

The area is access sensitive!

From the A1 motorway take exit for Šibenik (if you come from the direction of Split it is the first exit, and it is the second exit if you come from the direction of Zadar). Continue to Drniš until Pakovo selo, than turn to Miljevci. Continue until you see the canyon and here, in front of you on the right, lies the crag. Neglect it for now, pass the bridge across the Čikola river and ascend to the other side of the canyon where you will find a big parking lot.
Now descend back to the canyon on foot, parallel to the road, until you reach a comfortable marked trail that leads to the bottom of the crag (15 min).

🧗🏼‍♀️For Betka's sector, we do not descend towards the Osoja sector, but continue to the east along the upper edge of the wall. We pass by the start of the zip line, and at the lookout we turn slightly to the left and follow the markings towards the beginning of the Čikola ferrata. Continue along the secured part of the ferrata and continue towards sector Betkin (15min). If you follow the path for 10 minutes more you will reach sector Koloseum. You need to go left up just before via ferrata turns down right .

🧗🏼‍♂️For the summer sector you need to not turn left in the Pakovo selo village ( where you turn when go towards Čikola canyon and old sectors) but follow D33 road for 600m and then turn left. Follow asphalt road first, pass the village and follow macadam road to the end. Park near old houses. Find a wide path and follow it in the direction of the canyon (NW). After few hunderd meter turn right to the marked path and follow it to the crag (15-20 min). Somewhere on the half way to the summer sector you need to turn left ( marks) if you want to go to sector Sige (see map).

A - Osoje
68 routes on 6 topos
C - Nr.1
5 routes on 1 topo
B -Paščara
9 routes on 1 topo
D - Bandusovac (Betkin)
49 routes on 2 topos
E - Peka
10 routes on 2 topos
J - Čelinka (Sige)
28 routes on 4 topos
K - Sračara
4 routes on 2 topos
F - Cigića greda (Metin)
19 routes on 2 topos
I - Brštane ( Summer sector)
51 routes on 10 topos
G - Crvena greda (Koloseum)
25 routes on 1 topo
H - Vražji vrtal
2 routes on 1 topo
Parking for sector A,B, Zip line, ferrata
Parking for sector C
Čikola canyon
General marker for the crag