Kättä pidempää thumbnail
Kättä pidempää
7A+ Boulder at KassiVik
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Kallion kukkanen
6C+ Boulder
Testicle bay compression thumbnail
Rotsi auki thumbnail
Rotsi auki
6C Boulder at KassiVik
Hyvä Lämppä thumbnail
Hyvä Lämppä
6B Boulder at KassiVik
PeuraMarkka thumbnail
7A Boulder at Testicle Bay
Kädettäjä thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at KassiVik
Narkkitehti thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Testicle Bay
Kurkku suorana thumbnail
Testicle bay thumbnail
Testicle bay
6A Boulder at Testicle Bay
Airiston Anaalihelmet thumbnail
Tres Dabbeurs thumbnail
Tres Dabbeurs
6B+ Boulder at Testicle Bay
Kuukuppi thumbnail
7A Boulder at KassiVik
North Paw thumbnail
North Paw
7A+ Boulder at Testicle Bay
Kalkkis thumbnail
7B Boulder at Testicle Bay
MarjoRoosa thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Testicle Bay
Karkkipussy thumbnail
7A Boulder at Pussylahti
Möyrylämppä thumbnail
4 Boulder at Pussylahti
Hejdå thumbnail
5 Boulder at Pussylahti
Hylie Minoque thumbnail
Hylie Minoque
6A+ Boulder at Pussylahti
Analis Morissette thumbnail
Silkkii thumbnail
6B Boulder at Pussylahti
Kaamos Rex thumbnail
Kaamos Rex
6A Boulder at Pussylahti
Lukki Luke thumbnail
Lukki Luke
6A+ Boulder at Pussylahti
Babylons Ashes thumbnail
Babylons Ashes
7A Boulder at Pussylahti
Babylons Ashes stand start thumbnail
RekkaBeetta thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Pussylahti
Downshift thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Pussylahti
Slav Machine thumbnail
Slav Machine
6C Boulder at Suolimäki
Pannaan Suoli Kuntoon thumbnail
Suoraan puuhun thumbnail
Suoraan puuhun
6A Boulder at Suolimäki
Kassivako thumbnail
6B Boulder at KassiVik

The area is access sensitive!

The Pussylahti sector is near a residence so please keep noise to a minimun.

Parking is good for one car. The restaurants parking is FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY, however, go and have a pizza or a beer.

Follow the road prom the parking to the point where a clear path takes you into the forest. Follow the easily visible trail to the sectors.