Routes on Rautavuori

12 sport 7 trad 46 boulder

We like Rautavuori

6b sportit oli kaikki hyviä ja kallio oli puhtaassa kunnossa.
OK, although not extensive. Probably room of more routes if people are willing to clean a bit.
Ihanaa kivee ja paljon tekemistä.

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

*** Important information of parking on Rautavuori area***

The old parking space in Kypärlahdentie junction (to the north from the crag) is not in use anymore. There is a sign prohibiting driving on Suolijärventie in the junction of Suolijärventie and Vatsiantie.
There are actually no parking spots on the side of Vatsiantie but the parking spot of Satulakorpi-crag can be used, the walk to Rautavuori is about 1,5 km from here.
Another option is to use Jaanankallio's parking lot, the gravel road from this place leads straight to Rautavuori. The distance is over 5 km.
From Piilolampi parking lot the walk-in takes about one hour.