J.A. Martin
One of the biggest areas in Fontainebleau featuring all together 8 circuits. Many of these have been either repainted or have the paint might be gone. We have featured in this premium guide the Blue (1-34), the Sky Blue (0 - 50) and the Red (1-50). There are also two different orange circuits around, one starting where the blue circuit starts, this one is a part of the 'Super Parcours Montagne' which continues trough out the forest in a few areas. The other one starts at "True detective". Both parkours have been repainted recently.
Without a proper guide it's a very complicated area to walk around in, but with the premium guide and GPS coordinates you will have no problem finding what you are looking for.
For easier climbs the circuits seem to include very high quality problems. But there are a few Gems to check out:

L'Étrave 7B+
Contact 7B+
Tête à Claques 6B+ (red 18)
Ariane 5 7C/B+
Outil de Coupe 7A
Couleur Feu 6C
Le Mur du Son 6C
L'Allemande 6A (red 20)
Sculpture 6A (red 31)
Le Préfabriqué 6A (red 4)

This is a perfect place for the family. The lower part has a nice sandy field and close to this you can find the starts of the easy circuits.

Go there and have fun!