La via del sentimento thumbnail
Leggende Metropolitane thumbnail
Rosa Pedra thumbnail
Cristalli liquidi thumbnail
Su passu torrau thumbnail
Ci vuole un fisico bestiale thumbnail
La via del pensiero thumbnail
A muso duro thumbnail
Simone larva thumbnail
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Arboring thumbnail
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6b+ Sport at Isola del Tesoro
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On line
6b+ Sport at Isola del Tesoro
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6b+ Sport at Isola del Tesoro
Occhio non vede piede non sale thumbnail
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New dada
7c+ Sport at Isola del Tesoro
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Land art
7b+ Sport at Isola del Tesoro
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O ci sei, O ci fai! thumbnail
Non Tutti Ce L'Hanno thumbnail
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7b+ Sport at Isola del Tesoro
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Mercantik in fiera thumbnail
Miss pomodoro e succo di orgasmo thumbnail
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Isola del Tesoro

The area is access sensitive!

Navigate to the most Northern parking and take a turn at the marker (switch to the cragmap). Continue the concrete and then dirtroad.

There are 2 possible parking spots. Parking nr 2 can sometimes be very muddy after rainfall, so beware. From that parking spot follow a path up towards the rock face on the left side of parking 2. Once you arrive on the plateau, follow the path to the right until you arrive at the beginning of the sector.