Franchard Isatis is one of the all-time favourite sectors of climbers visiting Fontainebleau.

The approach is minimal, just park your car to the parking lot end of Route du Loup and you're there. And for this reason, the sector may be very crowded at times. Park reasonably, don't shout, _remember to leave no trash_, and while you're at it, why not pick up other's trash!

The first problem you will see when you enter the magical sector is Marc le Menestrel's power testpiece called Sur-Prises. For those who want to try nice testpieces for a little easier grades, here's a list from the author:

3: Le Tete du Toutou
4: Mozzarella, Le Statique
5: Ventru
5+: Casse-Croute, Le Poire
6a: La Farine
6a+: L'Incommode
6b: Zip Zut, Canonball (gauche)
6b+: Beurre Marge (might be a slap in the face)
6c: Composition des Forces
6c+: Nezzundorma
7a: La Grisaille, Treenee
7a+: L'Angle Bens

The sector offers gems in all grades and the circuits are top notch. All the circuits have been updated and checked in October 2021. Please send us an update of circuits (or any other problems) which have changed, so we know that we have to update them for you!

Yellow circuit is a laid back introduction to bouldering. But be beware, there will be some harder surprises!

Orange is a very nice for a relaxed day or a full day adventure for those who don't crank that hard (yet). Why don't you go and try to flash them all? It shouldn't be a problem, should it =)?

The blue circuit is a nice climb through the sector, but some of the problems feel very hard for their grade.

The red circuit is TD, so the grades are around 5 and it's very enjoyable. 62 very good problems, but beware. Couple of the problems are very high and intimidating. Otherwise, three stars.


Just drive to the parking at the end of Route du Loup, walk 50m south and you'll end up to Sur-Prises boulder.

Franchard Isatis

Climbing has been limited!

Temporary Closure of Franchard Isatis
The acces to Franchard Isatis sites and climbing sites will be closed from the 12th of August to the 23rd of September. The ONF is fixing the road.

No vehicles will be allowed along this road and in the parking area.
Thanks a lot for your understanding. For more information, see the article in La Tribune Libre de Bleau.