Golden rod thumbnail
Golden rod
7A Boulder at Golden Rod
Axel's highball thumbnail
Axel's highball
7A Boulder at Golden Rod
Swine flu thumbnail
Swine flu
7B+ Boulder at Swine Flu
Fency a f##k? thumbnail
Fency a f##k?
6C+ Boulder at Smoking Aces
Smokin' aces thumbnail
Smokin' aces
6A Boulder at Smoking Aces
I raise thumbnail
I raise
6B+ Boulder at Smoking Aces
Rockstock thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Rockstock
Airstars thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Rockstock
The crack thumbnail
The crack
4 Boulder at The Crack
Perdehoek thumbnail
7C Boulder at Perdehoek
Kilian's dyno thumbnail
Perdehoek low start  thumbnail
Hoek Crack thumbnail
Hoek Arete thumbnail
Hoek Face thumbnail
Sweet Baby Jesus  thumbnail
Heathen corner  thumbnail
Upper cut thumbnail
Upper cut
6C Boulder at Upper Cut
Cobra junior thumbnail
Cobra junior
7B Boulder at Cobra Junior

The area is access sensitive!

Access: Permit is required.

Drive: When coming from the Pass towards The Farmstall, turn left onto the road towards Elizabethfontein and drive for about 1.8km then take the first left at the sign for Hoeksonderkoffie / Perdehoek. Drive for around 2km, park 50-100m before the Hoeksonderkoffie house (make sure not to block the road!)

Walk: 10min
Continue up the track past the cottage for about 100m. Turn left at the cairn and follow the roughly marked trail which heads left and up towards the group of boulders below the cliff-line, around 450 meters away.