The Vice thumbnail
The Vice
8B Boulder at The Vice
Armed Response thumbnail
Fragile Steps thumbnail
Fragile Steps
8A+ Boulder at Armed Response
Vice president thumbnail
Vice president
8B Boulder at The Vice
Fat eagles dont fly thumbnail
Colin The Librarian thumbnail
Killer Whale thumbnail
Killer Whale
6C Boulder at The Vice
Stargate thumbnail
7C Boulder at Stargate
Confusion rains thumbnail
Supa ape inna jungel thumbnail
The escapist thumbnail
The escapist
8B Boulder at Supa Bat
Beached Whale thumbnail
Beached Whale
6B+ Boulder at The Vice
Colin the Librarian (direct) thumbnail
JC's Fortress experience thumbnail
Cobra command thumbnail
Cobra command
8A Boulder at Cave Rock
Balkanstyle thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Cave Rock
Ground control thumbnail
Ground control
7A Boulder at Cave Rock
A lifestyle with taste thumbnail
Bitch! thumbnail
8B Boulder at Bitch
Jos le beau gosse (Jos the handsome kid) thumbnail
How low can you go? thumbnail
Take it to the Max thumbnail
Miss Netherlands thumbnail
Mrs Zimbabwe thumbnail
Miss Guatemala thumbnail
Fred's roof thumbnail
Fred's roof
7A+ Boulder at Miss Guatemala
Supa bat inna cave thumbnail
Supa bat inna cave
6A+ Boulder at Supa Bat
Bernd's project stand thumbnail
Under my thumb thumbnail
Under my thumb
6C+ Boulder at Stargate
Stargate face thumbnail
Stargate face
7B+ Boulder at Stargate
Chocolate tortilla thumbnail
Roast turkey thumbnail
Roast turkey
4 Boulder at Duck Cave
With stuffing thumbnail
With stuffing
5+ Boulder at Duck Cave
Duck a l'orange (Duck with orange) thumbnail
Benji's carwash thumbnail
The aquataine progression thumbnail
Schweng thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Rocket Launcher
Much ado about nothing thumbnail
She-man thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Rocket Launcher
Pissed off Power Rangers thumbnail
Disprin thumbnail
6A Boulder at Medicin Boulder
Panado thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Medicin Boulder
Grandpa thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Medicin Boulder
Aspirin thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Medicin Boulder
Advil thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Medicin Boulder
The crypt thumbnail
The crypt
6A+ Boulder at The Crypt
Le pitard cave (The joint cave) thumbnail
Fourty-two thumbnail
7C Boulder at Fourty-Two
L'angelot incredule  thumbnail
Highway to the dark zone thumbnail
Cabe Town  thumbnail
The rack  thumbnail
Stretched and pressed  thumbnail
La bowling ball  thumbnail
Rambo  thumbnail
Lost In Translation thumbnail
Sport 1 thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Desperado thumbnail
8A+ Boulder at Supa Bat
6b sandbag thumbnail
6b sandbag
6B+ Boulder at Armed Response
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
From the secret laboratory thumbnail
Teknomajikal thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Teknomajikal
Pillipalli thumbnail
6A Boulder at Teknomajikal
Man-Vrou-Man (Man-Woman-Man) thumbnail
You gotta have an alligator everywhere thumbnail
Twinkle toes thumbnail
Twinkle toes
5+ Boulder at Twinkle Toes
Shadow of a thin man thumbnail
After 8 thumbnail
After 8
6C+ Boulder at After 8
Duck a'la King thumbnail
Duck a'la King
6A Boulder at Duck Cave
Kasteelport thumbnail
7C Boulder at Kasteelport
Dream Vacation Club thumbnail
Max the cat thumbnail
Max the cat
6B+ Boulder at Max the cat
Special needs thumbnail
Special needs
6A Boulder at Max the cat
Lilith thumbnail
8A+ Boulder at Stargate
Under my thumb sit-start thumbnail
Hashtag thumbnail
7B Boulder at Kasteelport
No topo image available
Birthday present thumbnail
Citrine thumbnail
8B+ Boulder at Citrine
Flight of the Eagle thumbnail
Flight of the Eagle
8A+ Boulder at The Vice
No mint please thumbnail
No mint please
7A+ Boulder at After 8
How low can you go?! thumbnail

The area is access sensitive!

CapeNature Areas (Public land). Daily R60, weekly R200 and monthly R750 permits for climbing. Permits can be bought online through but it is recommended that you buy them on site at for example De Pakhuys, Traveller's Rest or Clan Williams tourist office. The permits are not limited so they will not run out.

Park to the Pass parking. Take the sandy road, walk it for about 800 meters, take a turn at the cairns to the right. Walk this path for 400 meters, take a path to the left (up to the fortress). Walk uphill along a cairned path for another 500 meters and you'll arrive to the Fortress Boulder.

Approach is 1700-1800 meters in total, and that should equal to 25-35mins.

There are a couple of boulders by the path.