ACCESS UPDATE: Please park to Soltuna Cafe until further notice. There is an ongoing access issue with the road taking to closer parkings and the locals have decided to close the private road.

Area info: Landscapes and rocks at the Fågelberget are stunning. It is so beautiful that it's easily worth the hike from Soltuna Cafe.

The area is much larger and more spread out than other sectors at Åland. Fågelberget can be divided into several minisectors including a small forested area behind Puerto Rico, Zen island reachable by some careful wading, and a section of excellent roof climbing at the beginning of the area.

The style of climbing at Fågelberget varies from balancy vertical routes to powerful roof climbs and to some world-class highballs. The most popular routes at Fågelberget are Pictor 6C, Puerto Rico 6C, and Reidari 6A.