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Ernies - Rocklands

The area is access sensitive!

The access has two options. 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

Easy: If you have a 4wd car, you can drive almost all the way to the rocks. The approach is only about 300 meters.

Not so: That being said, you really need the 4wd drive for the easier approach. But if you have a normal car, the walk ends up being a little more.

Anyhow. From the Asphalt road (Coming from Traveller's rest to Pakhuys) take the road left towards Elizabethfontain. Drive past the school (on the right), turn left to where the Traveller Rest's cabins are (Sassie, Udie, Kleine Charite etc). Take the left where it says "Perde Hoek".

You'll see a dam on the left. Before the gate, turn to right. This is where you leave your normal car, or you drive as long as you can.

Otherwise drive to the end of the road. There will be a black slab where you can leave your car.

The sand road is 2300m. The walk-in is around 300 meters.