La Barre Fixe
La Dalle à Poly
Memoire d'elephant
Le Trou du Trio thumbnail
Fissure du Trio thumbnail
Le Trou du trio (sans) thumbnail
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La Médaillon thumbnail
La Médaillon
6B Boulder at black 16 17
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la Dalle Oubliée thumbnail
le Finale thumbnail
le Finale
5 Boulder at black 16 17
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La Médaillon assis thumbnail
Le Trio thumbnail
Le Trio
5 Boulder at black 16 17
Le Soprano thumbnail
Le Soprano
5 Boulder at black 16 17
Le Râteau de chèvre thumbnail
Unknown undercut flake problem thumbnail
La Poule de Luxe thumbnail
La Fissure Ouest du Piaf thumbnail

Climbing has been limited!

The actual Èlèphant boulder, the first block you see when walking in to the area. The one looking like an elephant has a ban to climb on it right now. There is a risk that the entire boulder will collapse! Please do not climb on this one until further notice, it's dangerous!!

The rock at Éléphant is softer than in Fontainebleau usually. Please wait that it dries completely after the rain or you risk pulling holds off, or destroying the surface so the rock starts to "sand". It's recommended to let the rock dry for 48-72 hours after rain.