127 boulder

No special access issues

Park as shown on map. Walk north with Chemin de la Mee. After around 600m you will come to a Y-crossroad, take the left path, Chemin du Rocher blanc towards diplodocus, after around 150m you can clearl... Read more

We like Diplodocus

Nice place for beginners.
Diplodocus is by definition the family climbing spot. Short walk from the parking. No hills or anything, the rocks just appear from nowhere. The Diplodocus himself is an impressive one but it can be easily climbed to the top! This place has one of the best Yellow circuit to get started with bouldering or for kids! Plenty of traverse. This place can get crowded on weekends and some holds are really polished out. Still one classic Fontainebleau site that you should not miss. If you want to climb the Blue route to the top of the Diplodocus, bring your rope and gears!

Activities on this crag