No special access issues

De Pakhuys is one of the first choices for camping, wooden chalets, and cottages for climbers, with camp sites set amongst the boulders and across a field, with ablution blocks, a lapa and braai area built for climbers by farmer Thys Kruger, and a fantastic dam for swimming.
Climbers are welcomed.
Drive as if to the camp area of De Pakhuys, and just before the gum trees and wooden chalets, turn right and follow the track across the field along the contour line. When unable to drive further, walk along the easy contour track using the ladder over the fence until reaching another final parking area next to grape vines, then follow the well cairned path zig zagging up the slope to the crags at the top. If you've found the "Maniac Boulder", face up toward the crags and the routes are on large boulders directly above, and in and behind the rock corridors.

Total walk-in - 10-15 mins

Alternately, if you are staying at De Pakhuys camping it is a comfortable easy walk of 15-20 mins to reach the crags


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email