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Boulder Garden

The area is access sensitive!

Please be polite around the horse riders. Some animals get quite jittery around large bouldering pads. Just stand to the side of the path and let them pass. You will find the riders to be very pleasant and we don't want to form a hostile relationship with them.
There have been sightings of snakes at the Garden, so keep an eye out for the slimy reptiles! If something does happen phone (0861) 555-777 to reach the Tygerberg Poison Care Unit.

From Cape Town get onto the M3. Follow this for around 17km all the way to the end and turn right onto Steenberg Road (M42). Drive for about 1.5km taking the second left onto Ou Kaapseweg (M64). Continue on this road (becomes the M6 Glencairn Expressway at the second set of robots) for 14km until you reach the Jonkersdam Parking Area on the right at the top of a hill.

Click on the MAP and you will find Trails displayed on the map in different colours leading to some of the main areas. Zoom in for a closer look.
In addition to this, under the TOPOS section you will find a SECTOR called Area Map. It has all the paths, path numbers and the general areas laid out. Once you have that you will easily be able to follow the walk-in instructions given below to the main areas. There are essentially six main areas at Boulder Garden. Roadside Boulder, Roswell, Broncobuster Boulders, Adriatic Area, Private Zoo and Wild West.

Roadside Boulder - 2 minutes
From the parking simply follow 1 and branch off left, where the path heads right, towards the two obvious boulders 140m just beyond the parking.

Roswell - 5 minutes
From the parking take 1 onto 2. Follow this and take 3 up left. To get to the large UFO boulder, head up the hill on a climbers path starting just left of a rock close to the path, continuing up and then diagonally left near the top.

Broncobuster Boulders - 10 minutes
From the parking take 1 onto 2, and then turn left up along 3. Continue up for 3 minutes or so to find the Snake Charmer boulder at a twist in the path. Continue on to reach the very obvious Broncobuster boulder down to the right.

Adriatic Area - 10 minutes
Take 1 onto 2. Continue on for about 7 minutes and follow 4 down the slope for about 3 minutes to find the obvious long Poetry in Motion boulder on the left.

Private Zoo - 14 minutes
Take 1 onto 2. Continue along the track and take a sandy footpath (5) on the left. Follow this for about 50m until in line with the pale coloured Pale Male boulder up on the left. Head towards the boulders.

Wild West - 18 minutes
Follow 1 onto 2. Continue on the track, after a while you will spot the very obvious roof of the Wild Wild West boulder as the road turns left. The remainder of the boulders are spread out on the south side of the road up on the slopes. To reach them continue on 2 a little and follow an old climbers path through the bush to the boulders.