Bois Rond is an old area, but the past few years it has gained some more traffic.

Maybe the reason is as usual, (seemingly) short approach from the parking or just that it offers good amount of easy and handful of hard (but good) problems - keeping the whole crew happy.

Newly painted (as of writing 2017) orange and blue circuits are nice addition to the extremely difficult (ED+, pun intended) red circuit.

This are has a couple of good dynos, Toubib or not Toubib (7A) and Lucky Luke (7C+).

Why the approach is seemingly short... The reason is that people usually (for some strange reason) start walking to a completely wrong direction. The approach is just a couple of hundred meters - if done right :) Take the path from the northern end (if your back is towards the asphalt road, the path is on the left) of the parking lot. Walk that until the house on the left ends, you'll see a path to the left. Take that and walk another hundred meters or so, you should arrive to boulder containing red #18.