Bas Cuvier (Cuvier in short) needs no further ado. It's maybe the most iconic site at the Forest of Fontainebleau.

And why not? Packed with huge amount of problems in variety of grades. Easy access, child friendly terrain and world class boulders.

Actually Bas Cuvier means literally Low Cuvier. The name implies that there are more Cuviers around and surely there are. Ouest, Nord, Est, Bellevue, Rempart... When you have explored through this sector, just walk west from Aerodynamite and you'll end up Cuvier Ouest. Walk east from Technogratte and the path will take you to Cuvier Ost/Rempart/Bellevue. Walk north / northeast from Marie Rose (passing blue circuit at numbers 32-35) and you'll end up Cuvier Nord in just a couple of steps :D

So, what's here? World's first 6A, Marie Rose established in 1946 by René Ferlet. L'Abattoir is world's first 7A. Some problems actually show signs of being polished so be EXTRA CAREFUL and clean your shoes before taking on a problem!

A word for the parents: Look at the ground for a while and check where your kids roam. You'll probably catch my drift.

And be careful so that your belongings won't get stolen. The rumour has it that there are people disguised as climbers but their intention is to snatch your valuables. Needless to say, don't leave anything valuable in your car. Safe bet would be to open the glove compartment and leave extra stuff to the gite.

Extra note: most have no or very little network coverage in the area, so please download the topo for offline use.