Apremont Est is a little less wooded than the other Apremont areas, so it can get quite hot on sunny days.

On the other hand, it dries quicker.

Probably needless to say that one of the most famous problems here is the infamous La Science Friction. This is the test for your slab skills. Climb it using your hands, fine... You can climb a 5 (or 6a?) slab. But climb this without hands and you're mastered the skill of slab climbing!

Other problems worth mentioning:

* Le Piano (6B)
* Medaille en Chocolat (7A, dyno, slab)
* Onde de Choc (7B)
* Arete du Boucher (7A)

The area offers several circuits:
* Yellow (Nice and easy. Couple of problems might feel tall, but nothing too bad)
* Green (Established in 1952. It's actually a game of 'The floor is lava'. Way harder than you think)
* Orange (Very nice problems, including a tunnel)
* Sky Blue (Starts from Apremont Center, but veers to Apremont Est)
* Red (Hard as nails)
* Black and White (18 problems, climb this and you rock)
* Baltic Blue actually starts here, even though it's a circuit of Apremont Vallon du Solitude)